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The thriving Elliott Clan of Gam and Pop-Pop now spans four active generations. We are led by our esteemed patriarch and pater familias, Uncle Jack, and his wife of more than 64 years, Aunt Reet. They now have two great grandchildren, a son and daughter of their granddaughter Rebecca and her husband Aaron. All four of this young family are shown above. First on the left is Luciana Vivian Elliott Sayne, born December 11, 2013. On the far right is August David Elliott Sayne, born October 4, 2008. In between the two cuties are their proud parents holding the newborn.

What's on this site

  • Photos and news of past biennial Gatherings of the Clan
  • Other photos and news from recent years - what our people have been doing
  • Very old photos of Clan members
  • Members of the Clan, arranged by family and by generation. It includes all 40 descendants of Pop-Pop and Gam.
    Living are three children, 13 grandchildren, 22 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.
  • Gam's legacies - coming soon: her diaries as a young girl and many of her wonderful recipes
  • The Official Homepage of the Elliot Clan Society, USA - the U.S. branch of the worldwide clan based in Scotland.
    History, famous Elliotts, genealogy, photos, badges, tartans, links to the main Society and other branches.
  • Elliott Heraldry - To see and print the heraldry, you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
    If you do not have it, you can download it free from Adobe.

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    Clan Webmaster:  Bruce Elliott
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    Please send to the Webmaster your comments, corrections and additions, plus photos and other good stuff,
    so that this website can be as accurate, complete and as useful as feasible.